The Decorator craftsman

The subtle but essential finishes of Cartier movements are created using extraordinary, meticulous expertise. The decorators' endless quest for beauty produces the most impressive results in Fine Watchmaking movements.

The best way to appreciate the complexity of their art is to examine each movement using a watchmaker's eyepiece. The bridges are angled with a burnisher, the edges are carefully filed without affecting the polished edges, and the faces of certain components are mirror-polished. Completing the finishes with their contrasts and brilliance can sometimes require up to 15 hours of work on a single component.

Movements in the Cartier Fine Watchmaking collection are decorated with côtes de Genève on the visible surfaces of the bridges, and are circular grained on hidden parts such as the bottom plate. This constant search for perfection goes beyond simple decoration. It is the rare meticulous work of someone who loves watchmaking craftsmanship, and who gives each piece a unique identity and a value that is impossible to calculate. The work is an applied art that reaches its peak in Cartier Fine Watchmaking movements.