Lily Collins' Très Parisian Holiday

24 hours with Lily Collins, who approaches each summer moment with style.


9:00. A Terrace Café

Always be early for a rendez-vous, impeccable in the sunny trail of your favourite perfume.


10:00. Beside the Seine

Maintain a summer glow with style: sunglasses, a silk scarf in the breeze, a bag adapted for the season.


11:00. Private Club

Game, set and match: the important thing is to face each challenger with style.


12:30. Passage Royal

Savour the perfect day. On the menu: sunshine, a smile, and the Maison's most essential creations.


16:00. Jardin des Tuileries

Raid the bookshop, put down your bag and your sunglasses: it's time for the press briefing in the joyful glow of the afternoon sun.


23:00. Rooftop, Place Vendôme

A summer night of shimmering details. Zoom in on the accessory that captures each camera flash and sets a summer look alight.