Tank Française


More than 25 years after its creation, the Tank Française watch is back in the limelight in a film worthy of a design icon with so much to say.


The Tank Française watch is surrounded by an international cast of strong personalities: Rami Malek, one of the most singular actors of his generation, and Catherine Deneuve, the French legend of cinema and style.

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2023: A Design in Evolution

Launched in 1996, the Tank Française debuted a metal bracelet in perfect harmony with the case, becoming an immediate member of the great Tank family. A monobloc metal design that Cartier is radicalising with this brand-new version. A new approach, both aesthetic and ergonomic, which energises the ultra-profiled lines of the watch, available in steel and yellow gold, with or without diamonds.

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Tank Française: Everything You Need to Know

The brancards are curved and rounded.
The crown is inlaid to match the profile of the brancards.
Mainly satin finishes.
The sunray watch dial with Roman numerals is highlighted by the shine of its relief.
The bracelet forms a compact, perfectly flexible chain, a dense mesh of links that remain and move as one.