Restore, Reproduce

Restoration or reproduction occurs when the piece is badly damaged and repair is not possible.

A restoration diagnosis will be carried out in order to restore (a highly complex production process requiring rare know-how) or reproduction of the piece if the former is not possible.

These services are carried out upon request.


This service makes it possible to proceed with the restoration or repair of a creation requiring specific materials, as well as very rare skills or know-how.

Restoration service: price upon request


If your creation is composed of two parts, one of which has been lost, the pairing service will allow the production a new 'partner' piece.

Pairing Service: price upon request


If your piece is extremely worn or damaged, or if it cannot be re-sized, you can consult the reproduction service. It may be possible to produce a new piece. The number engraved on the new piece will be the same as the one on the original piece.

Reproduction service: upon request