Complete service for your watch

Further to the discussion you had with one of our advisers, we recommend a complete service. The movement of your watch will be returned to perfect working order, so that you can enjoy wearing it with all the satisfaction that you expect from Cartier.

In the Complete Service, a number of checks are performed to verify the effective functioning of your Cartier watch. This service may be required approximately six years after purchase, or after the last full service.

Performed by a Cartier expert watchmaker, this service includes: complete disassembly of the watch, cleaning of the case and metal bracelet (where applicable), movement refurbishment, various checks and reassembly of the watch.

The replacement of specific damaged components (e.g. dial, crystal, crown, metal bracelet, etc.) is not included in the service. These components will only be replaced and invoiced to you upon receiving your authorisation.

Price uppon request, contact one our Cartier Ambassadors for more information and personalised advice

Watch disassembly

Your watch has been completely dismantled.

Replacement of components

Our watchmakers will replace the damaged component(s) of your watch.

Checking calibration

The precision of its functioning is inspected to ensure the level of quality and reliability expected from Cartier watches.

Other performed steps
Refinishing removes light scratches from your creation and restores its lustre. The intervention involves removing a thin layer of metal. We therefore recommend that you do not carry out this service more than five times during the creation's lifetime.
The water-resistance of your Cartier creation is ensured by a series of seals. We test them to verify the water-resistance of your watch.
The watchmaker carries out a final technical and aesthetic inspection to make sure that your watch meets Cartier’s high standards.