Cartier extends its corporate responsibility policy beyond jewellery and watchmaking to encompass its duty to set an example as a role model in the perfume industry.

Cartier fragrances and scented products are not tested on animals in Europe or further afield, and strictly comply with current Perfumes and Cosmetic Regulations in Europe.

Our development strategy calls on us to look beyond existing regulations and actively monitor the legislation in order to maintain a list of ‘sensitive' ingredients whose use we prohibit or restrict in our formulas. At the same time, as part of our ongoing pursuit of excellence, we are careful not to stifle the creative process.

The Cartier fragrances manufactured today are free of all animal extracts including civet and castoreum, even though these ingredients are not prohibited by current legislation. Within the associated ranges of scented body lotions, shower gels, aftershaves, etc., only neutral derivatives of animal ingredients, such as honey, are permitted in the formulas of Cartier Fragrances.

Our partners and suppliers of plant extracts actively promote plant biodiversity. We support their actions through our creation, development and sourcing activities (for example, sandalwood has been sourced in Australia ever since Mysore sandalwood was classified a rare species in India).