Because of Cartier's exceptional position in the jewellery world, we believe that our responsibilities with respect to society encompass not only our own operations and our entire supply chain but also involve a broader role in seeking to make a difference in the jewellery industry at large – particularly in the mining and production of precious metals and minerals.

Over the past few years, we have sought to better understand the challenges which our industry faces in order to find relevant solutions to issues associated with large scale-extraction as well as artisanal mining of precious metals.

These challenges include social and environmental issues, and in some cases, distressing accounts of human rights abuse. While these types of issues are not exclusive to the jewellery supply chain and certainly will not be resolved by the industry alone, without the involvement and support of government authorities, our industry must rise to the challenge; a gift of jewellery is a particularly symbolic one, and our customers trust us to ensure that their purchase lives up to its sparkle.

At Cartier, our gold suppliers have unequivocally committed, in writing, to responsible gold sourcing, in line with the best practices and certifications. They have also pledged to implement every possible measure, within their operations and sphere of influence, to prevent gold which may be used to finance human rights violations from entering the watch and jewellery supply chain, particularly when it comes to the gold products they supply to us.