In keeping with our dedication to excellence since our Maison's foundation in 1847, Cartier is committed to responsible and sustainable business principles and practices, including sustainable sourcing. We work towards upholding such practices and principles throughout all lines of business, including leather products.

We have been working on developing a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the global production, processing and trade of leather in general, and exotic skins in particular, in order to develop, promote and implement sustainable management and supply practices in this area.


The Responsible Luxury Initiative (ReLI) is comprised of companies in the luxury industry that are committed to advancing good social, environmental and animal welfare practices in their business operations, including sustainable sourcing practices. The working group has been convened by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) that also acts as facilitator for the ReLI.

The group is committed to discussing common environmental, social, and governance challenges facing the luxury sector, to promote transparency, knowledge sharing, and collaboration across common global supply chains.

The ReLI Approach is based on:

  • Research on social and environmental impacts of product sourcing
  • Consultation with stakeholders on supply chain system dynamics and potential solutions to sustainability issues
  • Collaboration with peers through face-to-face meetings and teleconferences to identify emerging issues and determine common approaches

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